Has to go…..

Has to go.....

My beautiful, perfectly remodeled, home.

So, to get my beach, one of the first things we had to do was sell our home.  The home we had lovingly remodeled, decorated and styled just for me.  It had to go on the market…  my heart, blood and sweat had to go on the market!!  One of the hardest things I have done in a long time.                   many tears were involved….

We bought our home in 2001 when the neighborhood looked to be coming back alive.  We were smart and drove the neighborhoods to see which one was close to work, close to the shopping we liked, and felt comfortable.  Then we picked one and dug in deeper…  first to find an area we could afford, then to find the most house for our money and needs.  We settled on this little jewel, mostly because I just fell in love with the heart of the home.  It was built in 1892, with 4 bedrooms, 2 without closets, (I guess they weren’t important back then…) a bath upstairs (with only a claw foot tub) and you had to go thru a bedroom to access it, and a bathroom on the main floor with the shower!  As you can guess, it needed lots of work, but we knew we could do it.  Having built a home together before, we knew our marriage was safe…  Over the next 10 years we invested a lot of ourselves into this home and a lot of our finances, but it was perfect!!  I had a 3 bedroom home with a master suite, and closets in every room, a dream kitchen, and a “man cave” in the back for the testosterone needs.


My Dream kitchen….  Yes, that is a commercial stove.

Well…  it went on the market, and five days later we had a buyer!!  Did I mention it was PERFECT!!  Six weeks later we were one step closer to our dream of life on a beach, and walking away from our dream home in the city…..  We ended up renting a very nice apartment in a high-rise building downtown for the last year my sweet hubby needed to keep working.  (I kinda think he did this because of my tears when signing the sale agreement)

 Now is when all the real work of selling your home and moving to a different country starts…..

You never realize just how many decisions you need to make during this transition!!!  What to keep, what to sell, what to give away… Do you ship your own things, sell and buy new?  Where and what keepsakes do you keep???  Just how important are the things you have collected over the years? Heartbreaking decisions about what to do with your years of memories….  All needed to be made, and we only had a year to do it all.


I get the beach…..

I get the beach.....

All of our married life, my sweet (project manager) husband would take our anniversary weekend to sit down together and “make a plan”. He very smartly wanted to always have a plan, a goal for our future. So that one day, we could leave the crazy work schedules behind and simply live life.
As we would sit down, he would ask me “So, where do you want to be in 5 years?” My answer would enevitably be… “on a beach”. For the first 10 years or so of our marriage, this would somehow frustrate him. We finally came to an understanding. He would tell me what his goals were and how he wanted to attain them. I would tell him if I had any “issues” with them. So, my hubby became the man with the goals, and I became the girl with the issues. I could live with that…. especially if it got me my beach.
So, here we are. My husband has given me my beach.